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Porsche 911T targa 1973.5 2.4L CIS sportomatic





I purchased my Porsche from the original owner and his daughter, in San Francisco's south bay. I have had the car for over twenty-five years-- always garaged, and always driven bi-weekly. The original owner gave me all service records, including the original bill of sale, and I have continued the tradition of keeping all records throughout the car's half-century life. When I purchased the car, I immediately had the front suspension lowered, realigned, and had the car corner balanced for single-driver rallying (Yeaman's and Custom Alignment, California). After moving to Pennsylvania, I gradually took over all service activites on the car myself. 

Notable facts about the car:

This car works; literally every part of the car works perfectly and is in excellent condition:

- the paint job is original! 

- the wheels are original Fuchs, including the fifth Fuchs spare

- the engine is original, was overhauled on chain fail for the first owner, and has the new-style chain tensioners

- the original targa top works perfectly and has no tears

- the dash and instrument cluster are original and have zero imperfections, zero cracks

- the Sportomatic shifter works perfectly and is a pleasure to drive

- the working radio is the original Blaupunkt radio

- the toolkit and owner's manual are original

- I have the complete service manual set from Porsche

- The car's original upgrade Recaro seats have no tears

- The carpeting has zero damage

- The airbox has the correctly installed pop-off valve

Notable service work I've performed over the years to keep the car in top condition:

- using a fuel pressure gauge, adjusted the warm up regulator for correct cold and hot control pressures

- replaced all fuel injector sleeves to stop any vacuum leaks

- replaced air filter and oil & filter myself

- replaced fuel accumulator to maintain long-term fuel pressure

- replaced heat exchange valves and adjusted for full open/close action

- replaced old low-pressure fuel lines

- upgraded the starter battery to a single high-performance X

- disaassembled, cleaned and adjusted brake calipers

- disassembled, adjusted and reinstalled perfectly working spring-electric clock

- removed, cleaned and reattached bumperettes

- disassembled, cleaned and fixed air blower cabin fan

- replaced front hood struts

- adjusted and maintained air/fuel mixture at CO 3%, hot

- lubricated door latch mechanisms and window crank mechanisms

This car is an extraordinary, complete pleasure. The engine sound and handling are without peer.  The only reason I sold it in June 2022 is because I hope to pay off my home mortgage. I hope we found a collector who can continue the tradition of taking care of this car, and of driving it. It is a real, working historical artifact. If you have reached the end of this section and have any questions about CIS Porsches, you can contact me at:



Below is imagery of some of a sample of the sales and service records for the Porsche, including original sale information as well as my most recent personal service work. The full service file is very large and comes with the car. Note the installation of the new-style chain tensioners.

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